Design, manufacture and sale of CNC high pressure washing machines, dedicated machine tools, toolings.
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President and CEO: Nobuyoshi Kan In recent years, people in concerning for energy environmental issues has been increasing, therefore the making of products concerned environment is so needed.
We birth high pressure washing machines used nature energy "water", with putting our skills of manufacture of dedicated machine tools, so users put a high value on our products.
With age, washing machines become indispensable to progress the quality of parts, users admitted that precise wash changes the image of conventional wash.
Thanks to you, since we started sales CNC washing machines in 1992, number of sale has been increasing very much in recent years. We still receive a favorable review.
In future, we develop and research with always thinking "what the product to meet the needs of the times is" and concerning environmental issues, and render services to the society.
President and CEO: Nobuyoshi Kan

Company History

November, 1977: Founded as Kan Manufactory.
1978: Started designing and manufacturing dedicated machine tools.
June, 1982: Developed super drill units, and started nationwide sales.
September, 1982: Registered as Kan Manufactory Co., Ltd.
September, 1986: Established the machining center (D.T.M. center), and started nationwide sales.
April, 1992: Developed KH-6, the CNC turret-type washing machine, and started nationwide sales.
August, 1992: Extended operations, and built new factory and office at the current location.
November, 1997: Developed KR-1, the CNC washing machines, and started nationwide sales.
July, 1999: Developed KR-1 Jr, the CNC washing machines, and started nationwide sales.
June, 2000: Developed KPW-1, water shower washer, and started nationwide sales.
October, 2006: Extended operations, and built extension to the factory.
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